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23rd August 2019

2019 has been an incredibly busy year so far… and looks like it will continue.

Paul joined us January, his knowledge and experience are invaluable and will benefit our customers tremendously.

Our Christmas Eve boxes went down a treat, and we already have orders for this Christmas.

Our first Grandson arrived, very dramatically in the back of my car, at the end of March.

We have had new colours of our Flexible Laminates and have extended our stock and range further.

We celebrated our 1st Birthday on the 1st June. We are so pleased with everything that has been achieved this year, we have wonderful customers and fabulous suppliers. Hopefully our customer service is regarded as one of our best attributes, we certainly aim for that.

Andali Fitness continue to be supported by us and other local Ludlow companies, we applaud all the members on their hard work and many achievements.

Don’t tell her I told you…but Stephanie turned 50 in June, shh!

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