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Nickel is a soft material with a silver looking finish, but not the same as Trophy Aluminium.  Nickel in the grades 200 & 201 typify good mechanical properties and exceptional resistance to many corrosives. Ni201 has low carbon for purposes of high temperature. Nickel can be used in food processing equipment, caustic handling equipment, electronic parts, aerospace and missile components or for an alternative to trophy plates and engraved signs.


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  • Accessories: 12mm Tape
  • Accessories: 25mm Tape
  • Accessories: Split Rings
  • Applications: Church/Crematorium
  • Applications: Indoor and Outdoor signs
  • Applications: Labels
  • Applications: Memorial Plaques
  • Applications: Nameplates
  • Applications: Trophy Placques
  • Engraving Type: Diamond Drag
  • Engraving Type: Rotary
  • Finish: Bright Polished and Coated
  • Finish: Plain / Mill
  • Material: Chip & Shatterproof
  • Material: Indoor
  • Services / Processing : Cut to Size - Guillotine
  • Interior Interior Material
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